MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

Interface AggregateObjectiveComparator

All Superinterfaces:
Comparator<Solution>, DominanceComparator
All Known Implementing Classes:
LinearDominanceComparator, LinearObjectiveComparator, MinMaxDominanceComparator, MinMaxObjectiveComparator, VectorAngleDistanceScalingComparator

public interface AggregateObjectiveComparator
extends DominanceComparator, Comparator<Solution>

Compares solutions based on a computed aggregate fitness from the objective values. Examples could include weighted linear, weighted min-max, or vector angle distance scaling (VADS).

Implementation Note: This interface extends both the DominanceComparator and Comparator<Solution> interfaces. Since both of these interfaces provide identical int compare(Solution, Solution) methods, you may encounter a compilation error indicating the use of the compare method is ambiguous. This is the result of an important distinction between DominanceComparator and Comparator<Solution>. DominanceComparator induces a partial ordering while Comparator<Solution> provides a total ordering. In general, the two can not be interchanged except in cases where the DominanceComparator produces a total ordering, which is the case here. However, you will need to cast to one of these two interfaces in order to invoke the compare method and avoid the compilation error.

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.moeaframework.core.comparator.DominanceComparator
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Comparator
compare, equals

MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

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