MOEA Framework 2.12
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Package org.moeaframework.analysis.collector

Collectors record information periodically during the execution of an algorithm.


Interface Summary
Collector Collects information from an object.

Class Summary
Accumulator An accumulator stores collected data from a single run of an algorithm.
AdaptiveMultimethodVariationCollector Collects the individual operator probabilities from AdaptiveMultimethodVariation.
AdaptiveTimeContinuationCollector Collects the number of restart events resulting from AdaptiveTimeContinuation.
ApproximationSetCollector Collects approximation sets from an Algorithm.
AttachPoint Identifies objects in an object graph (all public and private fields contained within an object and those it references).
ElapsedTimeCollector Collects the elapsed execution time of an algorithm.
EpsilonProgressCollector Collects the number of ε-progress improvements detected in an EpsilonBoxEvolutionaryAlgorithm.
IndicatorCollector Collects performance indicator values from an Algorithm.
InstrumentedAlgorithm Decorates an algorithm to periodically collect information about its runtime behavior.
PopulationSizeCollector Collects the population size and archive size, if available, from an EvolutionaryAlgorithm.

Package org.moeaframework.analysis.collector Description

Collectors record information periodically during the execution of an algorithm. The classes contained in this package implement the various collectors and support utilities, but the preferred method of using collectors is through the Instrumenter. The table below contains the potential data collected by the instrumenter. The key column shows the string used to retrieve the data from the Accumulator.

Key Description Collector
NFE The number of objective function evaluations. None (Always Saved)
Approximation Set The approximation set of non-dominated solutions discovered by the algorithm. This collector consumes large quantities of memory. ApproximationSetCollector
Elapsed Time The wall-clock time elapsed since the start of the algorithm. ElapsedTimeCollector
Number of Restarts The number of time continuation or ε-continuation restarts. AdaptiveTimeContinuationCollector
Number of Improvements The number of ε-dominance improvements detected. EpsilonProgressCollector
Number of Dominating Improvements The number of strictly dominating ε-dominance improvements detected. EpsilonProgressCollector
Population Size The size of the population. PopulationSizeCollector
Archive Size The size of the archive. PopulationSizeCollector
AdditiveEpsilonIndicator The value of the additive ε-indicator performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
Contribution The value of the contribution/coverage performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
GenerationalDistance The value of the generational distance performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
Hypervolume The value of the hypervolume performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
InvertedGenerationalDistance The value of the inverted generational distance performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
MaximumParetoFrontError The value of the maximum Pareto front error performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
Spacing The value of the spacing performance indicator. IndicatorCollector
Operator Name The probability of an operator being selected by adaptive multimethod variation. Use the string name for the operator used by OperatorFactory, such as "PCX" or "SBX+PM". AdaptiveMultimethodVariationCollector

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API Specification

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