MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

Package org.moeaframework.analysis.diagnostics

Diagnostic tool for analyzing the runtime behavior of algorithms.


Interface Summary
ControllerListener Listens for events fired by the controller.

Class Summary
ActionFactory Collection of actions used by the diagnostic tool.
ApproximationSetPlot Displays the end-of-run Pareto approximation set.
ApproximationSetViewer Window for displaying approximation set dynamics.
Controller The controller manages the underlying data model, performs the evaluation of jobs, and notifies any listeners when its state changes.
ControllerEvent Identifies the type of event fired by the controller.
DiagnosticTool The main window of the diagnostic tool.
EmptyPlot Placeholder in a layout for unoccupied grid locations.
LaunchDiagnosticTool Command line utility for launching the diagnostic tool.
LinePlot Displays a line plot of the runtime dynamics of a metric, displaying the 25, 50, and 75 quantiles.
PaintHelper Helper class for maintaining a mapping from series in a plot to their assigned paint.
ResultKey The key for a result entry, allowing distinct algorithm and problem pairings in sets and maps.
ResultPlot Abstract Swing component for displaying results.
SortedListModel<T extends Comparable<T>> A sorted ListModel which stores only unique entries.
StatisticalResultsViewer Window for displaying statistical results.

Enum Summary
ControllerEvent.Type Enumeration of controller event types.

Package org.moeaframework.analysis.diagnostics Description

Diagnostic tool for analyzing the runtime behavior of algorithms. This tool requires the JFreeChart library and its dependencies to be installed.

MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

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