MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

Class ParetoDominanceComparator

  extended by org.moeaframework.core.comparator.ChainedComparator
      extended by org.moeaframework.core.comparator.ParetoDominanceComparator
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, DominanceComparator

public class ParetoDominanceComparator
extends ChainedComparator
implements Serializable

Compares two solutions using aggregate constraint violation and the Pareto dominance relation as originally proposed by Kalyanmoy Deb.


  1. Kalyanmoy, D., "An Efficient Constraint Handling Method for Genetic Algorithms." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, pp. 311--338, 1998.

See Also:
AggregateConstraintComparator, ParetoObjectiveComparator, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
          Constructs a Pareto dominance comparator.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public ParetoDominanceComparator()
Constructs a Pareto dominance comparator.

MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

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