MOEA Framework 2.12
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Class DifferentialEvolution

  extended by org.moeaframework.core.operator.real.DifferentialEvolutionVariation
      extended by org.moeaframework.core.operator.real.DifferentialEvolution
All Implemented Interfaces:

Deprecated. renamed to DifferentialEvolutionVariation

public class DifferentialEvolution
extends DifferentialEvolutionVariation

This class has been renamed to DifferentialEvolutionVariation. This class is provided for backwards compatibility, but will be removed in version 3.0.

Constructor Summary
DifferentialEvolution(double CR, double F)
Method Summary
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evolve, getArity, getCrossoverRate, getScalingFactor
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Constructor Detail


public DifferentialEvolution(double CR,
                                        double F)

See DifferentialEvolutionVariation.DifferentialEvolutionVariation(double, double) for details.

MOEA Framework 2.12
API Specification

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