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Interface AnalyticalProblem

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Binh, Binh4, C1_DTLZ1, C1_DTLZ3, C2_DTLZ2, C3_DTLZ1, C3_DTLZ4, ConvexC2_DTLZ2, ConvexDTLZ2, DTLZ, DTLZ1, DTLZ2, DTLZ3, DTLZ4, DTLZ7, Fonseca, Fonseca2, Jimenez, Laumanns, Murata, Obayashi, Rendon2, Schaffer, Schaffer2, UF13, WFG, WFG1, WFG2, WFG3, WFG4, WFG5, WFG6, WFG7, WFG8, WFG9

public interface AnalyticalProblem
extends Problem

Interface for problems whose Pareto optimal set is known analytically, providing the generate() method for producing randomly-generated reference sets.

Method Summary
 Solution generate()
          Returns a randomly-generated solution using the analytical solution to this problem.
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close, evaluate, getName, getNumberOfConstraints, getNumberOfObjectives, getNumberOfVariables, newSolution

Method Detail


Solution generate()
Returns a randomly-generated solution using the analytical solution to this problem. Note however that discontinuous Pareto surfaces may result in some solutions generated by this method being dominated by other generated solutions. It is therefore recommended using a NondominatedPopulation to removed dominated solutions prior to using the generated reference set.

The generated solutions should be spread uniformly across the entire Pareto frontier; however, this is a suggestion and is not a requirement of this interface.

a randomly-generated Pareto optimal solution to this problem

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