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Package org.moeaframework.problem.BBOB2016

Package containing the BBOB 2016 bi-objective test problems.


Class Summary
AttractiveSector The Attractive Sector function.
BBOB2016Problems Problem provider for all problems in the BBOB 2016 test suite.
BBOBFunction Abstract class for the functions provided by the BBOB test suite.
BBOBTransformation Abstract class for transformations provided by the BBOB test suite.
DifferentPowers The Different Powers function.
Ellipsoid The Ellipsoid function.
Gallagher The 101-peak Gallagher function.
Rastrigin The Rastrigin function.
Rosenbrock The Rosenbrock function.
Schaffers The Schaffers F7 function.
Schwefel The Schwefel function.
SharpRidge The Sharp Ridge function.
Sphere The sphere function.
StackedProblem Combines two or more single-objective BBOBFunctions into a multiobjective problem.
TransformObjectiveOscillate Transformation that oscillates the objective values of the inner function.
TransformObjectivePenalize Transformation that penalizes the objectives if the decision variables fall outside the region of interest.
TransformObjectivePower Transformation that raises the objective value to the power of a given exponent.
TransformObjectiveShift Transformation that offsets the value of the objective by a fixed amount.
TransformVariablesAffine Performs an affine transformation of the form f(x) = Mx + b.
TransformVariablesAsymmetric Transformation used to convert a symmetric to an asymmetric decision space.
TransformVariablesBrs Transformation that skews or scales the decision variables using the same method described by the Buche-Rastrigin function.
TransformVariablesConditioning Transformation that alters the condition number of the function.
TransformVariablesOscillate Transformation that applies a monotone oscillation to the decision variables of the inner function.
TransformVariablesScale Transformation that scales the decision variables by a given factor.
TransformVariablesShift Transformation that shifts all decision variables by a given offset.
TransformVariablesXHat The x-hat transformation, which negates some of the decision variables.
TransformVariablesZHat The z-hat transformation used by the Schwefel function.

Package org.moeaframework.problem.BBOB2016 Description

Package containing the BBOB 2016 bi-objective test problems. These problems will be tested in the Workshop on Real-Parameter Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking at GECCO 2016. The authors combine various single-objective functions to form the bi-objective test suite. Each of the single-objective functions has well-known problem properties, including looking at the conditioning number. Conditioning looks at the effect of small changes to the function's inputs on its output. For example, small changes to a low conditioned function causes only small changes in the output.

Note: this implementation does not provide all BBOB test functions. It currently only implements the 55 test functions studied in the bbob-biobj suite.


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  2. Finck, S., N. Hansen, R. Ros, and A. Auger. "Real-Parameter Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking 2010: Presentation of the Noiseless Functions." Working Paper 2009/20, compiled November 17, 2015. (PDF)

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