In addition to the Quick Start Guide and examples provided with each downloads, please find additional documentation below. While we would like to provide free access to all materials, there are expenses associated with hosting and maintaining open source software. To help recoup these costs and encourage continued development of this software, we charge a small fee for our instruction manuals. Please consider supporting this software by purchasing our guides below. Thank you!

  • View the API Specification API Specification
    The API specification for the MOEA Framework lists all classes and methods with complete, detailed documentation. Use this along with the examples available in every download to gain a better understanding of the inner workings of this software.

    Browse the API
  • Purchase the Beginner's Guide to the MOEA Framework Beginner's Guide to the MOEA Framework
    The official beginner's guide to the MOEA Framework, filled with complete code samples to get you started using the MOEA Framework quickly. It covers topics ranging from solving unconstrained and constrained optimization problems, comparing the performance of algorithms, plotting results, developing custom algorithms, integrating your own optimization problems, and more. 214 pages.

    $15 - Digital Copy (PDF) | Preview
  • Purchase the book High Performance Computing with the MOEA Framework and Ignite High Performance Computing with the MOEA Framework and Ignite
    This book demonstrates how to create high performance evolutionary algorithms with the MOEA Framework, scaling from small personal computers up to large-scale supercomputers. For distributed memory computing on larger systems, we demonstrate how to use Apache Ignite to construct master-slave, island model, and hybrid parallelization architectures. The purchase of this book includes complete code samples available for download. 49 pages.

    $6 - Digital Copy (PDF)
  • Purchase the book Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Multi-Objective Problems Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving Multi-Objective Problems
    Covers the theory and application of multiobjective evolutionary algorithms, including detailed descriptions of many MOEAs, test problems, testing methods, parallelization, and more. The design of the MOEA Framework is heavily influenced by this book, and is recommended for researchers using the MOEA Framework in their own work.

    $124 - Buy now on Amazon!

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